Some Things Don’t Belong Together

Midweek Madness – turns out I have a couple of ideas for posts buzzing around in my head and was too eager to share, so here’s an extra one! Back to what I love the most, food.

My friends and I have being trying to meet for a year (no joke)! As we were all doing different courses at different unis and had holidays at different times, we never managed to get around to it. So when we finally managed to find time last week, we decided to try the infamous Duck and Waffle. Situated on the 40th floor of the Heron Tower, the 360° view was amazing and definitely a must go to spot.

We all ordered the namesake, Duck and Waffle, what a surprise there! For those who don’t know (and where have you been!), it basically consists of a piece of fried duck leg sitting on top of sweet waffle, all topped of with a fried egg and a jar of maple syrup containing mustard seeds to accompany. This is probably one of the weirdest combinations of food I have eaten and I’m not a fan of sweet ingredients in savoury. Seeing that I hate pineapple on pizza and think apples definitely don’t belong in salads, this was definitely a risk for me. No dish has been able to convert me so I was sceptical about the flavour combination presented here.



I must say, it was definitely not as horrible as expected but more along the lines of weird. It did feel like I was eating breakfast, perhaps due to the presence of waffles and egg. Luckily I didn’t pour all of the Maple syrup in one go as there was a sickly sweet after taste in my mouth. Had I poured more, it would have ruined the meal. Much to everyone’s surprise, the waiter brought out a birthday treat for me. I say surprise, because my birthday was a couple of weeks back and my friend who booked the table must have mentioned it but completely forgot.


If I was to come here again, I would like to try some of the other items on the menu as they seemed even more appetizing. But do take note, there are some adventurous dishes such as pig ears and octopus. I would also like to mention that our particular waiter was not very friendly and the service for this standard of restaurant was not acceptable. I do think it may have been a one off though because all the other staff were very nice and went out of their way to offer to take pictures of us by the view.

In my opinion, although it was not worth the hype, I would still recommend people to visit at least once for the experience and also the view.

Square Meal


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