Something of a Swiping Habit

The tinder cycle

As an on-again-off-again user of tinder for the past 6 months I can say that there’s a cycle of thoughts that happen. I thought I’d attempt to document these a humorous fashion. (Comedy is not my forte. You have been warned!)

  1. Friend introduces you to app.
  2. You think it’s stupid.
  3. You start hearing about tinder everywhere.
  4. You think, why not! May as well give it a go.
  5. You get it.
  6. The arduous task of deciding which photos and finding something to write in the description. (Ended up just having a link to the blog. May as well get more views out of it!)
  7. It is stupid, but weirdly entertaining.
  8. Spend hours swiping left.
  9. Cue rant about the type of photos! Sifting through endless travelling pictures, posing next to lions, skiing, graduation photos, topless gym selfies (of a variety of quality), rugby photos, posing with dogs (extend that to any animal. I’m not an animal person), photos jumping off ……. (Insert any tall object e.g. cliff, plane) and group photos where you can’t figure out who you’re supposed to be looking at (ain’t nobody got time for that!) makes you bored.
  10. Lower standards.
  11. 1st Match!!!!!
  12. Get freaked out and delete the app. Immediately.
  13. Boredom/ procrastination/ being sent on placement to the middle of nowhere makes you get the app again.
  14. Tinder moments. Just why? Unmatch.
  15. Get so used to swiping left that you accidentally swipe left on a good one đŸ˜©
  16. Get bored looking at the guys. Switch to the girls just for the lols. Match with a girl. She hits on you. Freak out. Unmatch. Switch back to the guys.
  17. Become more open to matches
  18. Experience some of the weirdest first lines. (NB ‘hey, how are you?’ Doesn’t cut it)
  19. Get bored/ lose faith
  20. Delete app
  21. Repeat 17 – 20 several times a month!

What I learnt from this is that I most definitely do not need tinder in my life and probably would be better without it but YOLO. Pretty much the only excuse I could come up with but it’s become my guilty pleasure. It’d be interesting to see where these kind of apps go in the future and if it is just a phase, it’ll still be an odd phenomenon to describe to future generations.

P.S. a quick shoutout to anyone who stumbled upon the blog as a result of my tinder description!




Something Soothing 

One of my greatest passions is playing a Carnatic instrument called the Veena. I’ve been learning since a very young age and have fallen in love with the instrument. My mum taught me initially and it was her influence at a young age which I believe has made me love the instrument so much. She even made my first birthday cake in the shape of a Veena! No idea how she managed that but she’s definitely one of the most multi-talented women I know. After my mum, it is most definitely my teacher who has encouraged me to carry on playing and learning to the standard I am today.

Me with my Veena cake on my first birthday

I could give a long theory lesson about Carnatic music and the instrument itself but I feel like it would be too wordy, boring and just unnecessary to appreciate the music. But here’s an image of a Veena for your reference!

Currently I am in love with the ragam (Carnatic version of a ‘key’) Charukesi which to me feels very calming and soothing. It is often what is used in meditation music. I learnt such a beautiful song called Ada Modi Galada composed by Saint Tyagaraja in this ragam I am by no means an expert but I’ve just attached a clip of me practising. I begin with a raga alapana then go on to play a thanam which is a speciality on the Veena and finally the song.

As I said this is just a clip of me practising at home and by no means perfect (or to Thalam!) but I hope you still enjoyed it!

Something of a Skyline

So it’s about time I wrote another post. I’d like to think it was the overwhelming stress of last term which stopped me from writing a post but it was more along the lines of laziness and just putting things off till the mystery day that is tomorrow which obviously never came round till today.

Can’t believe it’s already halfway through April, but I’m going to go back a couple moths and talk about an amazing afternoon I had with friends when we visited SkyGarden. It’s on the top floor of the Walkie Talkie building and the views are absolutely amazing (for loss of a better word). I like to go to new places before there’s a hype and this doesn’t come round too often but I believe this was a success.


We dined at the Darwin Brasserie and took upon the great views. The food was pleasant, nothing to rave about but that didn’t matter. We were just enjoying soaking up London and it’s views. I’m not the hugest fan of the walkie talkie building so the great thing about being in it, is that your view of London doesn’t include it! We also went at a good time to catch the sun setting and so could see the space in all its glory, both day and night.


Definitely a great place for a special occasion and can’t wait to take more people there.






Can’t wait to go again. But I’ve heard it’s hard to get a reservation these days 😩

Square Meal

Something Scented

I’ll be frank. I know nothing about perfumes other than the fact I love this one. I probably would do such a shoddy job at describing the scent, that I’m not even going to try. Just go to a shop and smell it and I’m sure you won’t regret it. Though perfumes are rather personal so if you do regret it I’ll apologise in advance.

Which one am I even talking about? None other than Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs.

Beautiful Bottle!

So short and snappy. Just go and smell the fragrance when you can and I’m aware this is last years news but I take some time to warm up to new things!

Something for the New Year

I’m not one for resolutions but I’ve learnt this year that evaluating on past experiences is key to not making the same mistakes in the future. Whether it’s work related or in your personal life there’s always room for improvement.

So from evaluating the year just gone here are some improvements I can make in 2015. There are some notably clichĂ© ones and the more personal ones I’ve simply omitted from the list but here they are. Also they’re not in any particular order other than the order they pop into my head.

  • Just do it. May have stolen this from Nike but it’s so true. I spend forever thinking about whether I should things in my life. I’m definitely an over-thinker and this usually means I think so much about doing something that the moment passes in which I can do it.
  • Quality not quantity when it comes to my wardrobe. In 2014 I picked up this terrible habit of buying too many clothes during the sales. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting value for money but some of the pieces I picked up I would never even look twice at had it not been so cheap. In 2015 I’d also like to start investing in pieces that I know I’ll wear for the rest of my life ( that’s definitely being too ambitious but let’s just say a couple of years!)
  • Exercise regularly and not in phases throughout the year.
  • Return to eating my daily fruit box (people who know me will understand!)
  • Focus on skincare. Try new products and find a regime that works
  • When setting out goals for the day make the amount of things to do realistic within the time given
  • Actually start to think about a career and which direction I want to go in rather than watch YouTube makeup tutorials and think if all else fails I could be one of them.
  • Get a job. I need money so this is more of a I want to buy nice things so I need to earn it type of job. Not one for actual living needs
  • Plan more parties. This sounds weird and it isn’t due to an empty social calendar. I love organising and planning events where people can just come together to enjoy themselves. In a cheesy way it makes me happy seeing others happy. I’m basically Raj from the Big Bang Theory when it comes to party planning.
  • Complain less. It’s become something I do when I’m bored and I can complain about absolutely anything so let’s stop.
  • Leave this country at least once. On holiday, not relocate, just to be clear!
  • Do my eyebrows regularly and not just hide behind big glasses which is an effective technique may I add!
  • Don’t go nocturnal. It’s never worth it. You’ll always lose days and contact with the real world.
  • Don’t leave assignments till the last minute (not much point even writing it down but it’s a nice thought)
  • Post more regularly on the blog.
  • Actually find something meaningful to write about amongst all the commercialised interests
  • Appreciate my mother more. Sounds odd but you can never give your mum too much love.
  • I suppose the father should also be appreciated so he doesn’t get left out. Just kidding!
  • Do something that makes you happy everyday.
  • Don’t fret about still being in uni whilst everybody else out there seems to already have a job and have moved on with their lives.
  • Dance more regardless of how stupid you look.
  • Listen to more brown music, or at least consider giving it a chance. By brown I’m not referring to Bollywood but the type of music that most brown people seem to listen to stereotypically.
  • Learn how to people watch on the tube as this year will involve a lot of travelling.
  • Learn how to insert GIFs into posts so they are not horrendously wordy like this one.

So I could sit here coming up with more and more ways to become a better person but I shall stop! I’m a realistic person (some call me a pessimistic) and I’m aware that most of these probably won’t get done but doing this for the first time has made me realise what I want to do in 2015 to make it a better year. It’s bizarrely satisfying writing out goals but this may just be my love of list making.

HAPPY NEW YEAR and may 2015 be the best yet!

Something Rediscovered

Although I love music and can definitely appreciate a good tune, I’m not the best at remembering artists and song titles. Spotify radio is my best friend and discovering new songs through it is what I love the most about it. I can pretty much appreciate any kind of music with a melody or even a basic tune so that means I’m open to listening to anything provided I’m in the mood. Having said that, anything mellow always gets me.

Around this time every year when people are starting to listen to those christmas jingles, I tend to prefer the raw, singer-songwriter, mildly country, and basically anything with a twanging guitar or piano type of track. In particular the artist Ron Pope. Not sure how large his fan base is so I may be just raving about a well known artist, nonetheless his music is great so why not!

I was first introduced to him through the show Made in Chelsea back in its first season. It was the song ‘A Drop in the Ocean’ that Caggie sung in the season finale. On a side note, I gave up on the show because I just can’t handle those awkward silences and all I paid attention to was their fashion sense. I wish carried on watching because it seems to have gotten better but I don’t think I could catch up now because it would be out of date and pointless!

Anyway back to my rediscovery of Ron Pope. I have an obsession with melancholic songs. They give you chills of happiness which I’m aware sounds a bit bizarre! People often think, ‘that can’t be right, sad songs make people sad and happy songs make people happy.’ In fact, sad songs cause a feeling of euphoria and recognition or empathy in brain centres which as a result causes us to enjoy the song. Otherwise why would we listen to sad songs if they’re going to make us miserable! As you can see, I was genuinely interested in the psychology behind this and whilst on a cognitive psychology module last year I took the time to research this! I could insert some very nice images of fMRI scans but I’ll refrain! (Something beyond work… Not really!)

Quite a ramble and no pictures I’m afraid but the point being, I love sad songs and I rediscovered Ron Pope. Here are some of my other favourites by him.

Something Spicy

So last week it was Diwali and even though as a family we don’t celebrate it in an elaborate way it’s still nice to be with the family. However as it fell on a Wednesday, I was still in Kent and didn’t make it home. Instead we decided to hold our own party here to celebrate the occasion despite many of us not even being Hindu. Nonetheless less it was a good excuse to throw a party and have fun!

For the party we all volunteered a dish and I decided to finally get in touch with my roots and make a curry. To be precise, a chana masala. I decided to cheat when it came to spicing as I bought a premixed spice packet. But to be fair it was cheaper this way than buying each individual spice.


So here’s how I made it.

IMG_0224.JPGSo here’s a nice shot of all the ingredients all laid out neatly. Although this seems like a very cook show type procedure I found that it did keep me organised.

I then had a little panicky moment where I had no clue what to do so I just cut up all the ingredients.

IMG_0227.JPGFirstly the onions …

I wasn’t sure how many I needed but thought as they were probably going to disappear in the curry, three would be enough.

IMG_0229.JPGThen the tomatoes. Again, I wasn’t sure how many so I just thought the more the merrier.

IMG_0230.JPGNow that I had all my ingredients arranged nicely it was about time I started on the hob. As you can see I was watching Friends which I’ve recently got back into. I love the show so much and could probably watch the episodes over and over which is surprising for me as I can never watch anything twice.

onions blog

I then heated up the oil and started to fry the onions. I was aiming for a golden colour and boy did that take long! I wish I’d known earlier that it’d actually take a while so that I could multitask by cutting the tomatoes and faffing with the can opener whilst they were frying up.

IMG_0235.JPGAfter waiting about 20mins for the onions to fry up I added the tomatoes and stirred them.

IMG_0236.JPGA minute after adding the tomatoes I added 3 tablespoons of the spice mix. To be honest, I was guessing the amount I needed by seeing when it started to smell good.

IMG_0237.JPGI then add in the salt and the chickpeas. I was aiming to feed around 10 people so ended up using 1200g of chickpeas which may have been a bit excessive.

IMG_0238.JPGThe chickpeas were still quite hard after a while and I decided to add water to make the curry a bit saucier and also to allow the chickpeas to hopefully become a bit softer.

IMG_0239.JPGThis is when I thought I ruined the whole thing. It look like I flooded the whole pot and turned it into a disgusting mess. But I decided to use my common senses and try to evaporate this water by putting the heat on full blast. When half the water had disappeared I put a lid (or in my case, a plate!) on the pan and let the chickpeas steam in the heat and become soft. I then turned the heat off and kept the chickpeas covered until they were ready to be eaten in the evening.


The finished result!


Something Inventive

This week I moved out from my parents’ home to a flat in Kent for my placement. I have moved out before but this time it was different. Previously it was to halls in London and it was an exciting prospect living in London Bridge. The major difference this time was that I was moving Kent and that I wasn’t living in student accomodation but in a housing association estate. As you may imagine, it’s not the most glamorous places but we’ve slowly tried to make it our new home for the next 3 months.

A task that’s now come into my life is feeding myself. I must admit I’ve never really needed to cook and have always relied on my mum. Having said that, I love watching cooking shows and I think I’m a fairly good cook when I try.

The whole of this week I was fed up of eating frozen food parcels from home and started to use the kitchen. The first day I decided to invent my own dish which I’ve now title ‘Broccoli, Tomato, Cheese!’ Inventive, I know!

To be honest I don’t class this as cooking but it tasted great so here’s a demo as to how I made it!

IMG_0212.JPGIMG_0210.JPGFirstly wash the broccoli.

IMG_0214.JPGSteam the broccoli. I have a snazzy microwave steamer which works so quickly and is very convenient for washing up. Some people worry about radiowaves, but I’m not that worried!


I then decided to use pasta sauce. Shop bought and not home made which is definitely cheating but it will do when I’m in a rush. I slathered this on top of the cooked broccoli.

IMG_0217.JPGIMG_0218.JPGI then cut up some cheddar to sprinkle over the top. I do think grating it would be better but I don’t own a grater!

IMG_0219.JPGI then popped it back in the microwave just to melt the cheese. (Not the most appetising picture below, but it does get better!)

IMG_0220.JPGI then realised that this was not enough food for dinner and there weren’t any carbs so I added a piece of buttered toast and also a few slices of cucumber!

IMG_0221.JPGThe finished result! I accompanied my meal with a glass of Innocent Tropical juice and as I was alone in the flat this week, my eating companion was Graham Norton!

I have such a sweet tooth after eating and I just snacked on some of these yummy chocolates that my work colleagues got for me when I left my job at the end of summer.


I am aware I made this whole meal in a microwave but it’s still healthy, filling and yummy! Maybe I’ll try inventing something more complicated next time.

Celebrating Something Happy

With the end of summer upon us it only means the end of wedding season. Majorly feeling the post-wedding blues but I thought a nice way to round it off would be to do another wedding lookbook. Again I didn’t have time to take photos in proper lookbook style as they were very hectic days so these have been cropped from family photos!

Wedding 1

Pink Velvet and Cream Anarkali

20140918-143402-52442723.jpg  20140918-143402-52442653.jpg


I wore this outfit to the Mendhi night and as it was quite a simple occasion, I felt a saree was unnecessary. I like the use of material and the contrast between the velvet and the cotton. I paired it with very big jumkhas which are apparently in fashion now! I’ve also added a photo of the marquee that we decorated ourselves as a family.

Peach and Maroon Silk Saree 

wedding saree

This is actually a saree I had worn before but I was still excited to wear it again. When I wore it previously, I had to pleat the main part of the saree which meant that none of the designs could be seen. This time I was adamant on wearing it hanging to show off the stonework. You’ll also notice that I’m wearing both a long and short necklace. The long necklace is actually a waist belt that I decided to wear around my neck to create a unique style.

Yellow, White and Black Chiffon Saree


I have been waiting to wear this saree for months and was so glad when this occasion came around. I liked that the saree did not have a traditional border and had this unusual plaid pattern. I didn’t like the original blouse material that came with the saree as it was stripy yellow and black. It reminded me of a bee and it would completely distract from the elegance of the saree. I knew I wanted to pair it with a plain black blouse and started thinking up interesting blouse designs. One day when I was shopping, I found a dress in H&M. I liked the top half of the dress so much and thought it would accompany the saree perfectly. The contrast between the sheer sleeves and chest to the bust made it unique and interesting. I also liked that the back of the dress was quite deep and similar to a normal saree blouse. So what I did was take the dress home and chop it in half to make a crop top which allowed it to be worn as a saree blouse. I must say saree blouse stitching is quite expensive and this idea definitely saved me some money!

Wedding 2

Blue and Peach Crepe Saree


I was so excited to wear this saree (I feel like I say this about every saree so I guess I just like wearing them all!). The blouse is what makes it in my opinion. When buying sarees I like to look out for patterned blouse fabric and different style blouses to make the saree more interesting. This is one of those instants. As soon as I saw that the blouse fabric came with net sleeves I was like I need to get it! The sleeves were also long which made it a little different and also allowed more of the net to show. When designing the blouse I thought to myself because it’s so covered up at the front, it would nice to make the back backless. I wish I’d taken a photo of the back, but I’m sure you can use your imaginations.

Pink with Gold Embroidery Silk Saree


During this wedding I had a role which involved being on the mandap for the whole ceremony. This meant that I didn’t have time to take any solo full length pictures of me which is quite sad. I did however manage to pinch some group photos from my cousin and crop them so you can see the saree. This is probably one of the most glamorous sarees that I have worn and I am in love with the colour. Although it may look like a standard Barbie pink in the photos, it had a slight shimmer due to the combined treadwork between light and dark pink. I also loved the design so that the pattern was at the top rather than the bottom where it usually is. It meant I needed to wear the saree hanging and made my life a lot harder but I loved it nonetheless.

Thick Gold Border on a White to Pink Ombré Chiffon Saree


This is the saree I wore to the reception and the concluding event of this year’s wedding season. I like how simple the body is and the contrast of the thick border. I didn’t have high expectations for this saree because it was so simple but I was wrong. The simplicity made it elegant and appropriate for the opulent surroundings of Gibson Hall where the reception took place.

The highlight of the reception had to be the video that the cousins made for the groom. It was a parody to the song happy which summed up the feeling that everyone felt.

Eating Something Before Shopping

Breakfast for lunch. That’s how we roll during the summer. I met up with a friend and we decided to go shopping on Oxford Street but we were feeling peckish so decided to do a spot of eating beforehand.

Surprisingly there’s not much choice when it comes to places to eat on or near Oxford Street (well, not as far as I know! They must be tucked behind on one of the smaller streets) and we weren’t fancying the usual Italian so we decided to go to The Breakfast Club. As the name suggests, it’s known for its breakfast dishes and they are served all day, unlike most places with a breakfast menu which usually stop service at 11.00. Who even manages to get ready to eat out at actual breakfast time. I’m always running out the house with a piece of toast in my hands and eating it on the way to the tube station! I digress as usual. The point being we had the option to eat breakfast at lunchtime!

This was the second time I’ve been to The Breakfast Club (BC) and I wanted to try something different from the English breakfast I had last time. Although I did walk in planning to have pancakes, I saw the ‘when haloumi met salad wrap’ option and changed my mind! I love grilled haloumi. I hadn’t tried it for the longest time and didn’t understand the fuss but it all made sense after I tried it. The wrap came with a side salad and some slaw. It was most definitely better than I expected and I love the combination of sun-dried tomatoes, hummus and haloumi. I usually don’t like slaw because it’s very salad cream and mayonnaise heavy and you can’t taste the veggies. However this time it was perfect and more like a cabbage salad.



To accompany my main I decided to order the green is good smoothie. It was made from spinach, mango, mint and apple. I’m a huge fan of green juice and I like trying them everywhere I go. They alway taste so different and it gives me ideas for ingredients to add to my own when I make them. My basic recipe can be found here. The BC smoothie was definitely very minty and the mango texture is very apparent. I liked the overall taste and it’s miles better than the ones I make at home.


My friend decided to have the Veggie All American and a latte. The latte art was simple but cute enough at the same time. She had the choice of having her eggs fried, scrambled or poached and she went for the scrambled version. She ‘enjoyed the food but doesn’t think it’s worth the hype’.



The one thing I dislike about The Breakfast Club is that you have to queue outside for a long time during the peak hours and this can be a bit tedious if it’s cold. Luckily for us, it was nice and sunny and we hadn’t seen each other in a while so we had plenty to catch up on. The queue also makes you hungrier so it’s a good thing the portions are big! I do feel like the hype is overrated but the food is just so yummy that it doesn’t matter. I’ll be coming back for more sometime in the future.

Square Meal